iPod Copy Master


Copy the music from your iPod to any computer


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If you have an iPod and you usually use iTunes, you wil have realized that you can only copy music from the computer to the iPod and not from the iPod to the PC and that you can't synchronize your iPod with several computers, even if you have a laptop and a Home PC.

That is a problem for lots of iPod users and Ipod Copy Master can solve it, because it will enable you to easily transfer or backup your songs from any iPod to the computer.

It is very easy to use, when you run it, it will detect your iPod and will scan it, then it will show all your music, videos and games in a list, then you only have to check the ones you want to copy and choose if you'll only copy it to the folder or if you'll transfer to folder and sync with iTunes. It reads data from your iPod and transfer it to your HD, syncs iPod playlists back to iTunes and more.

Finally, it offers you three different skins. In short, Ipod Copy Master offers you the features you miss in iTunes and it support all iPod models.
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